My Work At Chillisauce Events And Experiences : Case Study

May 18, 2020

Prior to the Coronavirus outbreak, Chillisauce Events were one of the UK's largest providers of group travel and experiences for the UK market with destinations and products spanning the UK and Europe. In numbers their business sent over 160,000 people away every year when booking some form of milestone travel, team event or group activity.

My work at Chillisauce Events was extremely broad and varied and allowed me to be involved across the entire portfolio of digital output. A large source of customer leads were always through paid PPC activity and the budgets would sometimes exceed £100kpwk however the one thing that underpinned all of our activity was a strict regime of content and SEO and this is where I most enjoyed working on landing page optimisations for organic ranking and PPC conversion, and blog posts and niche landing pages for organic ranking and PR.

The most recent PR activity that I was involved in largely focused on Coronavirus related content and we had great success with the following two campaigns that received coverage in the national press and a number of glossy magazines and trade publications such as getting covered by Metro and Bride Magazine.

Chillisauce screengrab Covid-19 and weddings

Covidiot lockdown trends

Previous to these were two corporate oriented campaigns targeting B2B audience.

Coronavirus events

Coronavirus VR for events

We were also building high volumes of content resources for our audience including long form destination guides for highly transactional landmark locations such as Budapest.

I built all sorts of other types of content for Chillisauce that was all aimed at ranking for organic visitors. Here is a small selection of some of the content I worked on, however looking back over the time I was there we published many others and too many to list here!

Barcelona Festival calendar

2019 Stag and Hen Industry Trends

Groom guide

Christmas party planning

Digital detox


Increasing productivity

Staff induction process

Our Story

Corp landing page About

About chillisauce

All in all my work over two years was instrumental in creating a highly usable and much visited blog with additional PR and link building activity to help optimise the domain, plus numerous other email and social media campaigns.

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