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Are you looking for a Digital Marketing Specialist?

Do you seek help with your digital efforts, perhaps looking to launch PPC activity, a triggered email campaign, or redesign your social media calendar? Or maybe you're struggling with your analytics, setting up tracking tags or events. Perhaps you need help building assets, or landing page builds?

I'm a Freelance Digital Marketing Specialist with over twenty years of experience working in and around the digital arena and the last eight a mix of freelance and permanent roles supporting marketing activity for a wide range of organisation. Over the years I have worked on countless campaigns.

This is where you come in, as I can help you too!

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Where to start?

Digital marketing is a vast sphere of platforms, techniques and optimisations. There are many opportunities to make a mess of your setup meaning your chances of failure are so high, it just makes sense to call on an expert.

So whether you need to launch and optimise paid media activity, are struggling with implementing Google Analytics, or getting Google Tag Manager firing custom tags on page elements, I can help.

If it's hiring a specialist to get you out of a corner, auditing channels and training your team on new tactics, I'm ready.


People often try and cut corners with digital marketing. We're in an age where most things can be taught online, empowering individuals to solve their own problems and save money on hiring in specialist skills. However this is not always the answer especially if you need something now, or you need something to work out of the box to a tight deadline.

That's the time to call me. I'm passionate about my work and posess a broad and deep knowledge of the key digital channels you are likely to employ to reach new customers, and to engage with old.

So if you're looking for a quality focused Digital Marketing Specialist then look no further. Let's have a conversation and we can talk about your goals and objectives.

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