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Are you looking for an SEO Specialist?

Do you want your website to rank better in Google? Are you on the hunt for an SEO Specialist that can help you improve your online presence and bring new customers to your business?

Then it's time to take your website seriously and embrace SEO for the all powerful channel that it now is.

I'm a Freelance SEO Specialist with five years of experience ranking website content in Google search results. I've worked on numerous SME websites helping them create and grow visibility for both local and national SEO, and I've helped the UK's largest experiences and group travel specialist rank competitively across almost 900 keywords and 70 core landing pages. It's an area I'm passionate about and continue to try and stay ahead of the curve with new developments and tactics.

The point is, yes, I can help you too.

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Where to start?

I am here to help you make sense of the confusion. The world of SEO is constantly changing with new tactics evolving each day as a response to the ever changing bias of search engine ranking algorithms. Did you know there are over two hundred different ranking factors that Google relies on to rank content?

To complicate things further, what's considered a ranking factor today may be ignored next week. It's therefore vital that you select an SEO Agency that can support you with the latest best practice method to help you optimise your site in a robust and sustainable way.

You've probably heard of the saying, "content is king". We all love a buzz word, and this one rings true. Content is your key to organic traffic but it doesn't work alone. There are in fact three key areas that should be addressed when attempting to optimise your website for search and content is just one part of the puzzle. As your SEO specialist I can help you leverage all three to make sure you receive the best benefit possible from your investment.

1.Technical SEO

Your website must be fast, secure, easy to use and free of error. It's as simple as that. If your website is sluyggish, hard to navigate or difficult to read then Googlebot will also struggle and this will hinder your ability to get ranked competetively. We can analyse, locate and help fix problems with your website that are getting in the way of you ranking higher in search results and that work with Google's new Mobile First Indexing framework and importantly next year's Core Web Vitals update due to land 2021.

2. Content Marketing

Your content must be outstanding. We don't mean great content, but THE BEST content. Your landing pages must be on point and targeting your head keyword terms. Your blog posts must command the highest level of topical authority and targeting medium and long tail keywords. Through a process of enterprise grade content research and competitor analysis we can build you a content strategy that works across all your terms and that underpins all of your activity and maximising reach at all times. An SEO Specialist must also be a Content Specialist.

3.Link Building

Your website must take links seriously. You've heard of backlinks. The more links you can earn from relevant, authoritative sources, the easier it becomes to rank your own content in competitive search results. At the same time, you must closely monitor and actively avoid connecting yoursite with the toxicity of bought or spammy link sources. The same can be said for internal links - by executing an effective internal link structure connecting up the pages of your site to each other, you will help website crawlers understand the layout of your website and the hierarchy of content and this strategy alone will help. Additionally, linking back out from your site to authoritative sources can help bolster your topica authority and furter aid ranking. We can help you implement effective link building strategies across your site and across the web to make sure your domain is receiving the most benefit.

Hire me as your SEO Specialist to help optimise your site for higher performing ranking. Let's start with an audit of your current setup, then we design a programme that fits your budget, and we execute on that plan in partnership with you whilst providing detailed reporting and analytics.

We will provide you with regular and detailed traffic analytics illustrating which pages are working, and which aren't. You'll see keyword reports showing which searches are drawing in traffic, and which aren't. We can help build complex triggered analytics and conversion stats to underpin what we do and to illustrate each step and event people take when visiting your site. Also to see where they drop off.

The point is, when our tactics work, you'll see why. When a Google algorithm update hits and your rankings drop, you'll see why. Building, testing, reporting...with care and attention we will work quickly and carefully taking the very best care of your website content, your rankings and domain health.


It's worth noting, there is not one single thing you can do that will "fix SEO". It just doesn't work like that. The most effective tactics take time and careful implementation to test and improve and with a consistent effort you will begin see the improvements you seek. This is not a disclaimer for endless billable servicing without result. SEO returns are incremental and a collection of tactics will contribute to SEO success and each one must be implemented properly. At the same time, I also believe in accountability. Many SEO Agencies think it's okay to charge for services and then sit back and hope for the best. I want you to see true value and to achieve this I will throw all of my energy and passion in to your project and together we can get you to where you want to be.

So if you're looking for a quality focused SEO Specialist then look no further. Let's have a conversation and we can talk about your aspirations, and best of all, page one is often not as far away as you think!

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