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Hello! I'm John.

I'm a freelance digital marketing consultant and SEO Specialist based in London, available for hire.

I've worked with various UK clients helping improve their online presence by building and optimising high performance digital experiences with the purpose of increasing organic traffic, driving engagement, improving ratio of conversion and ultimately helping to get new customers.

My meticulous and innovative approach to digital and content marketing are the reasons why campaigns I've worked on have received national press coverage, and why organic traffic has increased substantially for my clients, providing new sources of revenue.

Why should you hire me? 

I can overhaul your digital activity through a process of audit, implementation and optimisation, for the purpose of increasing ROI and driving leads...and making you more money!

Through the creation of impactful, shareable content I can build new links to your website with high authority domains found within the trade, regional and national press.

By optimising for search your website content and internal link structure, I'll help you achieve page 1 ranking in competitive search results.

Whether you're a startup or an established business, I can craft you a sophisticated website experience. I'll also set up those fiddly integrations for analytics and remarketing.

If you're looking to launch and / or optimise PPC activity I can help you with your campaigns across Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Bing etc, and this includes events / goals / conversion tracking.

Triggered automation can be tricky work, so talk to me about custom creative, behavioural workflows and dynamic content. Oh, and I'm GDPR trained with a foundation certificate in Data Protection Law.

Put simply, if you're in the process of hiring a London based freelance digital marketing consultant with proven experience and a track record of building highly effective digital experiences, then you're in the right place!

How do I work?

Where possible, it's essential to undertake a process of audit and research to establish what's working, what's not, and what your competitors are up to. Once I'm familiar with the landscape and priority tasks we can work together in crafting a plan of activity that is perfectly aligned with your business and targeted at YOUR customers. By creating effective sales funnels and identifying opportunities to leverage SEO we can increase the flow of organic traffic to your landing pages and improve conversions so as to reduce your spend on paid media.

There is more good news!

Ranking website content competitively can be a long game and success is found with consistent effort. In most cases I will find immediate fixes and optimisation opportunities that can be done straight off the bat to improve your organic positions and set you down the path for generating new traffic, but generally the rest is with content and links. There is always something that you can optimise and do better than before, but unless you're looking you won't see it.

So the sooner you embrace an SEO strategy and take content and SEO seriously, the sooner you can uncover valuable business that is currently being taken by your competition.

Why do I do it?

Reassuring to know, as a freelance digital marketing and SEO consultant, I love what I do!

For a love of technology and a passion to create there's nothing I find more exciting than seeing targeted website traffic start flowing in to a website, and when my content receives national press coverage the feeling of pride and purpose is precisely what keep me going.  

Hire me to bring this passion in to your own business and I'll be sure to give it everything that I've got. Hit the yellow enquiry button to start a conversation and if you're in the process of hiring a freelance digital marketing consultant in London, then you're certainly in safe hands!

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