Our work

Our Work

Team projects

Project #1
Content Marketing and SEO

Chillisauce are a top 10 events and experiences agency. This long term engagement has been in place to run parts of the website, responsible for all content design and creation, improving page flow and content for SEO and ranking, plus email campaign design, build and execution. Much of my time is spent working with the various tools to monitor and improve SEO and to research new keyword trends that we can build in to new content for landing pages and blog posting.

Project #2
Product Design and Company Branding

Tasked with the opportunity to brand a new tech startup operating within the digital audio space, the key remit was to conceptualise a brand that was young, techie and modern. With a business model targeting internet sales the brand name “Damojo” was chosen as an acronym of the founders initials. Damojo’s flagship product "Live-EQ” is an audio marketing device for dynamic EQ monitoring and control for enhanced acoustics and POS optimisation.

A partner Agency approached us for help with their weekly newsletter to be sent to a 50,000 strong CRM database. Skatehut, the UK’s leading supplier of urban sports equipment and skate apparel provided us with a choice of promotional items to include in the mailshot, and we were to incorporate these in to a template, write content, and test before sending.  The newsletter was a great success, generating lots of repeat sales, and helping to build consumer loyalty. The client was very happy with the results and the campaign continued.

Project #3
Email Marketing
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