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Over 90% of people check their email every day.

Effective email marketing takes real effort and has to be done properly. You don't want to be the one searching for the "retract" setting especially when you've just triggered a blast to 180k people.

Lucky for you, we've learned and developed best practice email marketing tactics that have been proven to work.

Don't run the risk of upsetting and losing valuable customers by sending poorly thought out offers or thinly disguised promotional sales pitch. Worse still in desperately trying to convert the wrong people you're never far away from earning yourselves a spam penalty and in these very worst cases you'll only ensure that all your emails ever do is land in people's Junk folders. This includes your transactional messaging; without that you possibly don't even have a business.

Email Marketing

Competitor research

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Audience segmentation

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Email Marketing

Hire us to help you create well structured and effective campaigns that are on point, well planned and that drive conversions. Paired up with your content marketing strategy, we can help you reach your audience with relevant, readable and clickable content. The vast majority of people still check their email daily. Granted a lot of email sent these days goes unread but people continue to check their inbox and as such when email is done well the relative rate of conversions can be high. This means you'd be foolish to neglect email as a viable marketing channel.

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Email Marketing

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Email Marketing

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