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Mobile first / Mobile only indexing : always optimise for mobile.

The emphasis upon mobile has grown over the years and rightly so as mobile searches are always growing and for some websites represent the vast majority of their inbound traffic. It's really important for any website to consider mobile for this very reason but even more so because Google have now adopted a mobile-first indexing strategy and this means when creating content you consider both mobile and desktop users across all of your SEO tactics as you just never know where that next visitor will be searching from.

Where we can really add value is in helping you to deliver a flawless website experience across both mobile and desktop. Another factor for mobile SEO is the need to optimise for local search. The mobile user experience is very different to that of a desktop experience and in some ways can be far more interactive and engaging especially with the rise of social media and the increase in rich app based functionality meaning the bar for website design has been raised. At the same time it's even more important to build compliantly for mobile-first indexing and that means accounting for potentially less bandwidth, slower browser speed and screen size and just with any other SEO tactic it's vital to approach all of these elements to make sure you've attended to all factors relevant to your business and to optimise where possible to create the most user friendly and efficient experience possible so that your mobile web pages can be crawled and indexed just as easily as they can on desktop.

Mobile SEO
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Mobile SEO

Speak to JWCreative about helping to bring your website from desktop specific to a more device agnostic experience. We can help to design a mobile search strategy that tailors your digital experience to your audience and that doesn't stop at user experience; there may be gains to be had from different advertising mediums and activity that serve purely to mobile customers and that leverage social activity so it's vital to assess your business and audience first to make sure these can be properly actioned.

Mobile SEO

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