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SEO Beginners Bootcamp

Our one day SEO Bootcamp training course is aimed at small business website owners and will provide you with all of the tools and techniques you need to start optimising your website and to help you achieve incremental improvements to keyword performance and ranking on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Why wouldn’t you want more targeted customers visiting your website, for free?!

You may have noticed by now that websites don’t rank by themselves. Yes pages will mostly be indexed but without a strategy your content may never be found. It takes work, meaning SEO is as much a critical marketing channel as any other and is key in driving targeted customers to your site. By neglecting to perform SEO maintenance on your website and failing to implement some form of content strategy all you’re doing is letting the competition outrank you and take all that business for themselves.

Now, you can pay us to do the job for you. Our SEO Services are built around proven tactics to achieve those ambitious goals you set. Alternatively, you learn how to get up and running by yourself and a great way start is in the class room. Fear not, we're always on hand to rescue you if it goes wrong.

Now let’s get one things straight; it’s not going to be easy. You’ve got quick wins and long term gains but you need to invest and target both and quite simply by taking a proactive and sensible approach to search marketing you can unlock the tools and techniques required to help your website rank, and over time with patience and persistence you will start to see results.

SEO Training
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SEO Training

The Course - timetable and course content

Our one day, SEO Bootcamp search marketing course is aimed at the SME with the sole purpose of helping you get your website to perform. Our SEO Training course in London has been curated by an SEO expert to provide you with best practice SEO skills to help you build a tailored strategy of your own. By taking our course you’ll come away with the following knowledge and immediately actionable task list :

Morning session :
- Holistic understanding of how, what and why things “rank” including Googlebot and Google’s search algorithm
- How to audit your website to identify any negative signals such as broken links or page load issues
- How to understand your competition and why they rank
- An understanding of the term "content marketing” and how this applies to your business

Afternoon session :

- Keyword and trend research
- How to write "10x content" that outperforms the competition!
- How to structure a winning blog post
- Digital PR and link building
- Tools to help you optimise your website including free and paid tools
- Gaming Google : Don't. What is best practice, and why?
- Managing your expectations

For those remote working we are available to run classes at short notice. Just get in touch to discuss your availability and the number of attendees and we can book you in for the same class over video conference.

SEO Training

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SEO Training

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