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To say content is King (or Queen) and you're acknowledging the power of the word. Indeed the way to bring new customers in to your business is via your website, and it's in the clever application of content that allows you to generate, engage and convert your customers be this through organic search, email, social or ecommerce.

The recent few years has seen the requirement for copy change significantly. Nowadays, copywriting for the purpose of SEO is no longer about simply dumping words on the page to satisfy keywords. You simply need to work a lot harder than just repurposing somebody else's work and hitting word count criteria.

Sure, there are times where you'll lean on other articles to guide you as inspiration, but the purpose of putting copy online is now very different. Not only are you looking to attract and engage but if you want your copy to be seen and to do its work, you need to get it ranking high enough in the search engine results for people to even see it in the first place. If your copy is not achieving its purpose then it's wrong.

We are experts at creating high volumes of accurate, sucinct copy for all purposes be this keyword targeted, long format articles or snappy, short format email conversion. Social media takes a certain tack, as does the copy of a paid social ad.

Whether you're in the midst of a wider content project and need support to achieve deadlines, we can help. If it's editing back or repurposing blog articles that's fine. You might be trying to craft a social media calendar, or would like to A/B test ad copy. Whatever the purpose, we have been there.

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To achieve results and to rank with your content, articles must be well structured, thoroughly well researched, and above all delivered with the highest level of quality and authority possible by addressing topical relevancy and the query intent. Only then will you be able to achieve favourable ranking positions.

The same applies to other channels no matter the wordcount and not least for email and social. A successful newsletter or outreach campaign relies on well written copy that is structured around a purpose be that conversions, click through or a simple 'like'.

Speak to us about your brief and we can quickly and effectively produce precisely what is required to achieve your objective.

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