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The requirement for content has changed significantly over the years.

We're now at the point where Google have become so good at interpreting website content that the high ranking sites for a given search have already been deemed to be the best source of information for that search. Therefore the only way to rank is to focus on presenting their users with a better version of that and it's our job as content marketers to help you deliver that content right when it's needed.

A content audit is a key part of any SEO programme. Content written last year may be no good today. Search trends and audience sentiment change like the wind. It's therefore important to identify which of your content works, what doesn't, and ultimately what needs to be done to improve things. Content is no longer cheap; a thorough content audit will help identify where to focus efforts for both content marketing and SEO and to best utilise your resources and budget to upgrade and refine your content to fully optimise your website performance.

Content Audit
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Content Audit

It may be a case of just re-targeting different keywords. It may be a case of purging an entire chapter of resource. The answers are hidden and you'll find these answers with a content audit and armed with the results and the right metrics and targeting you can effectively overhaul your website for the better.

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Content Audit

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Content Audit

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