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If you're targeting local customers perhaps you run a restaurant, a shop or a car dealership then it's really important to implement some form of local search strategy to make your customers are aware of your business by getting in front of customers when they're searching for products or services from a local business.

Part of this strategy will rely on optimising your Google My Business profile. It's a powerful add-on and vital component of your local search strategy and if properly utilised can be really useful in driving relevant local customers to your website. Bolster signals through keyword based tactics stitched in to your profile, and make use of GMB postings to create further awareness by occupying more search result real estate.

Local SEO
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Local SEO

We can also help you leverage schema and structured data for higher conversions to unlock featured snippets such as featuring in the local pack with images and map results. These rich content areas if obtained will encourage people to click through when they see your business.

Let's also not forget the good old tactic of link building; and links continue to be one of the most important ranking factors for any website for any type of search and not least local. We can help you build a local strategy based around content and targeting your audience to improve your chances of developing local inbound links, all of which will help strengthen your domain and increase your chances further of landing those elusive local pack results.

To unlock all of these powerful tactics and more, hire an expert to help you super charge your ability to rank in local search. Let us optimise your GMB profile, implement schema and connect all the dots creating pathways and signals so that your chances of featuring in both organic rankings and local pack results are greatly increased, and this in turn will help to drive those valuable organic customers straight to your website.

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Local SEO

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Local SEO

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