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Did you know, the majority of websites have speed issues? Don't be one of them.

One key metric that Google relies on in ranking website content is the speed it takes for your web pages to load not only on the desktop but more importantly on a mobile handset. It's a key ranking signal and should certainly not be ignored.

There are two principles for delivering quicker page load; one being usability as slower web pages tend to have higher bounce rates. The other is based on how quickly Google can crawl your page. If it takes longer to crawl then it takes longer to index. Therefore a slower web page is subsequently more exposed to lower rank.

Clearly there are lots of different reasons as to why a page loads slowly and it's our job to help you find them. It may be solved with a process of compression, or you may have implemented time consuming page redirects that need to be rebuilt. Poorly optimised images are a common culprit.

Whatever the cause for your web pages taking longer to load as part of our website audit we will identify the cause and suggest solutions for you to improve. It's all part of taking a responsible and thorough approach towards SEO. If you want to do a job properly then you should address issues with page load speed.

Page Speed
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Page Speed

As part of our SEO Website Audit we will measure your website page load speed to identify issues and errors that are holding things up. There is always something you can optimise. More common issues are found within poorly optimised images and bulky graphics but sometimes speed can be hindered by poorly implemented plug-ins or third party scripts failing. Sometimes it's caused by too much load on the browser which is typically found with buggy Wordpress themes or bespoke websites built on a shoestring.

Fortunately there are lots of techniques for increasing page load speed such as minifying CSS, employing browser caching or compressing website code to load faster. We will identify problems and suggest fixes for you to improve your site speed for the purpose of usability and SEO.

Page Speed

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