SEO Planning & Strategy

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SEO takes planning and strategy; don't start without one.

To build an achievable and sustainable SEO strategy around your business it's vital to first plan, research and target specifically your audience and their demographic. Failure to address their needs and you'll be targeting the wrong people, if any at all.

To build a suitable SEO Strategy we will start by delving in to the fabric of your website to identify any flaws or structural imperfections that will hinder any subsequent optimisation attempt. Only once your website is in a good health does it make sense to start work on content.

SEO Planning & Strategy
Planning and Research

Technical and content auditing

Backlink profiling

Topical research

Keyword research

Content analysis

Competitor Analysis

Content opportunities

Backlink profiling

PR angles

Keyword opportunities

Competitive challenge

Actionable Plan

Technical fixes

Content strategy

PR strategy

Competitor targeting

SEO Planning & Strategy

We assess all of your competitors to see how they are performing in search and to establish what you need to aim for to outperform them. This will include reporting on their site metrics such as domain score, the quality and quantity of backlinks, the types of content that they rank for, which keywords they rank for, their ranking position for head commercial terms, level of PR activity, and so on. This will help to identify new content opportunities and to also further define content types.

Next, armed with a sound awareness of what we're faced with we can research and list all possible topics and keyword opportunities that you can leverage to connect with your target audience. By exploring not only the more competitive keyword searches with high traffic and commercial intent it's important to consider lower traffic searches for long tail keywords and combined we can help build a plan that has far more chance of success.

All of this topical, keyword and competitor research will be pulled together to produce a detailed and actionable plan that can be more easily put in to action and so as to maximise chances of implementing a successful SEO programme.

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SEO Planning & Strategy

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SEO Planning & Strategy

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